Winnie Mboniswa


I met JACO from one of my friend, who is also DISABLED, He is a very harmful man, who understood us very well, as if we met each other before.

From JACO I experienced a lot of things, Our communication is by emails and phone, but if I can talk about him, you won’t beleave that we never met before,  He make sure that you happy and made it cleare that you also satisfied in everything, he cares a lot about his clients.

He played a very big role to me, he sorted out all my problems from SARS, I was having problems with my TAX RETURNS, but today I’m so happy.You will not believe that we didn’t met before, because of his kindness and understanding us , I believe in him, he is so kind, honest, never tells you lies and promises that he can’t fufill it. He loves his client. You can rely on him.

MAY THE LORD BLESSED HIM, he’s a caring person, although we didn’t met before but I believe in HIM, Ialso trusts him a lot.



MOBILE: 0832840754

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