I completed my studies from the University of Potchefstroom in 1988 where I completed my B.Comm (Accounting) degree. My career started off as a clerk at one of the gold mines in the northwest.

I was later appointed as an accountant with one of the bakery groups in 1992. It was only in 1996 that I joined a large construction company as an accountant.

I was promoted to Financial Manager in 2000 and having conducted my services at a senior managerial level up to the beginning of last year. This included a Senior Internal Audit position for almost four years as well as a Manager of the foreign salary payroll. During the early part of this period, I received my accreditation as a CPA with SAIPA.


To be a leader in providing special on services in the disability tax field.


To assist as many disabled taxpayers and or taxpayers with disabled dependants as possibe.


To have a office in every province, occupied by a majority of disabled employees, with a head office linked to the international arena.


My son was diagnosed with autism and ADHD at the age of 6. He attended a student course at the Living Link College. From personal experience, I know how financially draining it can be. Being in Finance, I have come to realize how little taxpayers know about disability claims. Hence, taxpayers have not utilized this benefit in full, which can be substantial.

The receiver of revenue, does allow tax relieve for tax payers that have dependents with disabilities. Furthermore, SARS allow taxpayers to correct prior year income tax returns up to 3 years. That is why parents that qualifies for these type of claims should seek services such as these, being of a disability tax advisory nature. This will ensure these taxpayers use the maximum benefit allowed.

Director: Jaco Kruger

Company Registration no: 2013/208350/07