Frank Thabane

Hi Jaco

Words can not express my appreciation for the work you have done for me. I had no idea that I could be helped for years I have suffered and thus far you have assisted my family as we now know what can be done alleviate the challenge we had of disability. For the last 10 years we have paid dearly to look after our son and had no idea how we could be helped. As the saying goes “Knowledge is power” We are now empowered and it is our duty to share information with those who are still in darkness and would like to encourage anyone with Disability to get help from this gentleman.

I Frank Thabane would like to indicate my appreciation for the work Jaco Kruger did in a matter of hours after submitting my Tax Returns. Through his efforts I have managed to get money which has gone a long way to ameliorate my plight financially and hope that from now hence forth my burden will be lighter. Jaco, please keep up the good work, you are an assert to the challenged and the vulnerable.

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