Nokuthula Maneli

I got an email from my sister whom also has a child who’s autistic. I decided to call Jaco, and we made an appointment to meet. Wow what a pleasant, humble and easy person to deal with. What was supposed to be a business meeting, turned out to be a session of parents sharing their experiences and challenges of being a parent of a child who has special needs.

From that day on ward, he was constantly updating me about the progress of my account, giving tips on how to gather my medical bills. Whenever I needed assistance on the paper work and forms, he would assist promptly. He even equipped me with ideas on how to make the next return easy and simple, and how to keep all my medical bills.

Since then, I have been referring colleagues, friends and family to him. But unfortunately others do not have complex life style like me and him.

I can’t wait for submitting my returns again. . . .

Yours truly

Nokuthula Maneli

078 023 6320

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