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Manthipi Molamu

I highly recommend Jaco Kruger -Accounting & Financial services, to anyone who is in need of tax services; especially disability tax services. As a person with a disability ; I found the company to be extremely responsive & always go above & beyond to make sure your needs are met. They present with exceptional knowledge on disability & tax; making them Disability Tax Specialists.

The attention I have received & am still receiving from them is exceptional. The follow up to any of my questions or enquiries has been very prompt & always presented in a very professional manner. It is a pleasure to deal with such an exceptional professional company. I wish I’d discovered them sooner!

Manthipi Molamu2017-10-26T09:48:17+02:00

Pierre Smith

My wife was paralysed on right side after a stroke in 2013 and we had a lot of expenses 2013 and 2014 to adapt everything according to her needs. We battle last year with our disability tax claim, because our Chatter Accountant could not resolve our disability tax situation and claim the disability expenses under the right codes. SARS ask a lot of question that Chatter Accountant or I could not answer, so the disability tax became a nightmare. Likely I listen to talk over RSG where Jaco Kruger gave a talk about disability tax. I contact Jaco the next day and made appointment to go and see him. Jaco sorted out our disability tax problem very efficient and ethically. We cannot be without Jaco Kruger for Disability Tax.

Pierre Smith2017-10-26T09:47:50+02:00

Nokuthula Maneli

I got an email from my sister whom also has a child who’s autistic. I decided to call Jaco, and we made an appointment to meet. Wow what a pleasant, humble and easy person to deal with. What was supposed to be a business meeting, turned out to be a session of parents sharing their experiences and challenges of being a parent of a child who has special needs.

From that day on ward, he was constantly updating me about the progress of my account, giving tips on how to gather my medical bills. Whenever I needed assistance on the paper work and forms, he would assist promptly. He even equipped me with ideas on how to make the next return easy and simple, and how to keep all my medical bills.

Since then, I have been referring colleagues, friends and family to him. But unfortunately others do not have complex life style like me and him.

I can’t wait for submitting my returns again. . . .

Yours truly

Nokuthula Maneli

078 023 6320

Nokuthula Maneli2017-10-26T09:47:38+02:00

Mike Shapland

Jaco, Thank you so much for all your hard work fighting for me. You did yourself proud and I’m extremely grateful. I have settled my account with you.

Haley I copied you in as I thought there might well be others you treat who don’t have the expertise or know how on how to recover what is due from SARS when one has a disability. I can recommend Jaco as knowledgeable, caring and honest. He was recommended to me by Ari Seirlis, so he comes with a better pedigree than my very costly Daschund.

Jaco’s service ethic is fantastic and I have much to be grateful for.

I support these words of praise for the work Jaco does in our world of the disabled. Two years ago I suffered a few strokes. Through Ari Seirlis who is CEO of QASA (Quadriplegics Association of SA) I was put in touch with Jaco to assist with the recovery of some of my medical costs from SARS.

Jaco’s knowledge, attention and care made the world of difference in allowing me to claim back monies paid to SARS.

I certainly support Jaco and can vouch for his services.



Mike Shapland2017-10-26T09:47:27+02:00

Winnie Mboniswa


I met JACO from one of my friend, who is also DISABLED, He is a very harmful man, who understood us very well, as if we met each other before.

From JACO I experienced a lot of things, Our communication is by emails and phone, but if I can talk about him, you won’t beleave that we never met before,  He make sure that you happy and made it cleare that you also satisfied in everything, he cares a lot about his clients.

He played a very big role to me, he sorted out all my problems from SARS, I was having problems with my TAX RETURNS, but today I’m so happy.You will not believe that we didn’t met before, because of his kindness and understanding us , I believe in him, he is so kind, honest, never tells you lies and promises that he can’t fufill it. He loves his client. You can rely on him.

MAY THE LORD BLESSED HIM, he’s a caring person, although we didn’t met before but I believe in HIM, Ialso trusts him a lot.



MOBILE: 0832840754

Winnie Mboniswa2017-10-26T09:47:14+02:00

Frank Thabane

Hi Jaco

Words can not express my appreciation for the work you have done for me. I had no idea that I could be helped for years I have suffered and thus far you have assisted my family as we now know what can be done alleviate the challenge we had of disability. For the last 10 years we have paid dearly to look after our son and had no idea how we could be helped. As the saying goes “Knowledge is power” We are now empowered and it is our duty to share information with those who are still in darkness and would like to encourage anyone with Disability to get help from this gentleman.

I Frank Thabane would like to indicate my appreciation for the work Jaco Kruger did in a matter of hours after submitting my Tax Returns. Through his efforts I have managed to get money which has gone a long way to ameliorate my plight financially and hope that from now hence forth my burden will be lighter. Jaco, please keep up the good work, you are an assert to the challenged and the vulnerable.

Frank Thabane2017-10-26T09:46:59+02:00


To whom it may concern,

When I met Mr Kruger I was in a situation that has taken up 3 years of my time. I had a situation with sars which myself and my employer could not solve. Mr Kruger went out of his way to solve my problem and I am happy to report that within 8 months, after extensive investigation my problem was solved. Thank you very much Jaco.


Yf Veldhuizen

Ek is ’n swaksiende persoon en mag self glad nie bestuur nie. Ek het ongeveer ’n jaar gelede van Jaco en die dienste wat hy lewer te hore gekom en ’n telefoniese afspraak met hom gemaak.

My vrou en ek het hom persoonlik ontmoet, nadat hy die eerste van verskeie ekstra myle vir ons geloop het deur ons by ons huis te besoek.

Van die begin af het my vrou en ek Jaco as ’n eerlike, openhartige en nederige persoon beleef, wat op sy medemens se behoeftes en nood ingestel is. Uit die inhoud van die gesprek wat gevolg het, was dit duidelik dat Jaco sy vak- en spesialisgebied deeglik ken. Hy het melding gemaak van tipes rebates waarvoor ’n mens aansoek kan doen, waarvan ons nie eers geweet het nie. Met verloop van tyd sou dit nog meer duidelik word juis hoe deeglik sy kennis is.

Die volgende ekstra myl wat hy vor ons geloop het, was om sover moontlik terug te gaan in ons inkomstebelasting geskiedenis en die resultate te monitor te einde vas te stel on ons nog geld vanas SARS kan herwin.

Ek was altyd afhanklik van openbare vervoer om by my werk en tuis te kom. In die jaar 2012 was daar groot ontwrigting met Pretoria se busdienste, wat vir my baie ekstra vervoerkoste te weeg gebring het.

Een van die  ekstra myle wat Jaco vir ons geloop het, was om tot by die hoogste gesag in SARS te appelleer ten einde hierdie koste te herwin.

Dit was so ’n ingewikkelde proses dat ek self nie weet presies wat hy gedoen het en hoe hy dit aangepak het nie, maar een ding weet ek: ek sou dit self nooit kon doen met my gebrekkige kennis van inkomstebelastingsake nie.

“ “

Dankie Jaco. Alhoewel dit ’n tydjie geneem het soos wat SARS onodig tyd gemors het, kan ek getuig dat Jaco dit bewerkstellig het dat ek nog nooit soveel geld van SARS terug ontvang het, soos wat vandag in my rekening inbetaal is nie.

Jaco is so ’n aangename persoon dat ’n mens graag met hom vriende wil wees. Ek kan hom met ’n rein gewete en ’n oop gemoed enige tyd aan enige iemand as persoon en inkomstebelasting kundige aanbeveel

Yf Veldhuizen

Yf Veldhuizen2017-10-26T09:46:31+02:00

Nomandla Singeni

I read about Jaco’s services in the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation magazine. When I phoned him I wasn’t sure whether I qualify for the disability  claim. I never met Jaco personally but he was so re-assuring over the phone. He even assisted me in collecting some of the evidence that was required.Within 3 weeks my money was in my bank. I am short of words to express my appreciation and gratitude to Jaco.

May God richly bless him for sharing his knowledge, time and  expertise with us.

I highly recommend Jaco to anybody who is in need of disability tax services.

Thank you

Nomandla Singeni2017-10-26T09:46:07+02:00

Bernadine Cloete

My son Calvin came into this world unexpected and unplanned, at first we thought he had beaten all the odds, but close to his second birthday we concluded that he is different and that he needed special care.

Special care in our country does NOT come cheap. We have been paying thousands towards Calvin’s Health Care and Education and Caregivers.

With the personal guidance and step by step instructions of Jaco and his daughter we managed to submit our Tax Return and claim back an astronomical amount from SARS in Ten days time. Without his knowledge and diligence and care and concern we would not have managed to obtain this much in our Tax Refund.

Thank you are such small words, but words fail me today…. so Thanks is all I can say

Bernadine Cloete2017-10-26T09:17:21+02:00