Welcome to Jaco Kruger Accounting and Financial Services

Jaco Kruger Accounting and Financial Services is a practice that was registered in 2013, with the initial objective to provide hands on services in various areas of accounting and finance.

Coming out of a corporate environment and having served the majority part of a long career at a senior managerial level, we bring a lot of added benefits, including advice around sound business acumen. This includes internal audit experience and risk management.

Our primary focus point in the service basket, is Specialized Disability Tax Claims.

Disability claims is something Jaco Kruger is very passionate about and has studied this in depth. Since he has an adult child with a disability (now 20 years old), he has had hands on experience in medical and disability claims. Latest census are telling us that as much as 6,1% of our population are disabled people. Having done further research, it was evident that there are a huge population of taxpayers that are not familiar with this claim process and have not claimed the full allowable value.
(See the Disability Tax Library for more details)